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Egg-Truth seeks to educate consumers about the cruel nature of industrial egg production and the consequences on human health from egg consumption.


The following videos are representative of standard, industry practice in most countries around the world. These videos highlight the three stages of egg production: the hatchery; the laying phase; and slaughter. Video credits are as follows:
1. "Eggs Exposed" - Animal Liberation NSW and Aussie Farms | 2. "360-Degree View of Life Inside a Cage" - Mercy For Animals
3. "Hens Slaughtered by the Egg Industry" -
Humane Society of the United States


What The Experts Say

There is a danger that if this nettle is not grasped, animal agriculture will be seen as ethically challenged or morally handicapped.
— Ian Duncan, The Science of Animal Well-Being
Only oppressors can deny the importance of suffering to the individuals who suffer or who respond to that suffering.
— Carol J. Adams and Marjorie Proctor-Smith, Taking Life
With increased knowledge of the behaviour and cognitive abilities of the chicken has come the realization that the chicken is not an inferior species to be treated merely as a food source.
— Lesley J. Rogers, The Development of Brain Behaviour in the Chicken
Ammonia gas is inevitably produced in the poultry house when uric acid from bird waste combines with water in the environment . . . Ammonia gas is extremely irritating to the membranes that line the eyelids, eyes, sinuses, and trachea.
— Patricia Dunn, DVM

A Life Denied