This Is Lucy

She hopes that you will . . .

Surrounding Lucy in the picture above are descriptions of all the illnesses and conditions endured by hens on egg laying farms. Life for Lucy and all her cage mates has been one of deprivation and misery.

A typical battery cage, egg laying facility.

The Truth About Eggs

Lucy has been confined in a cage on a Canadian egg farm for approximately a year-and-a-half. Because hens have been selectively bred to lay almost an egg a day, her body and reproductive system are exceedingly overburdened. She simply can’t lay anymore - she is what the egg industry calls “spent”. In other words, she is no longer profitable so they are going to kill her.

Chicks on a conveyor off to be sorted by gender. Females will be debeaked and vaccinated against avian diseases and males will be killed.

Lucy was born at a commercial hatchery. Like most females born into the egg industry, Lucy was debeaked, vaccinated and sent to a rearing facility until she was mature enough to start laying eggs. All the males born with Lucy were killed at 1-2 days old. Why? Because males can’t lay eggs and therefore they have no use to the egg industry. And because they are not genetically suited for meat production, male chicks are often dumped into a macerator at the hatchery and shredded alive.

Sadly, over 25,000,000 female hens are forced to lay eggs on Canadian egg farms, and an equal number of male chicks are killed every year.

And while it is too late to save Lucy, you can save another hen by leaving eggs off your plate.

Our Food Choices

Click on the image above for your FREE, downloadable, 8-page PDF containing some great, egg-free recipes and baking tips!

Click on the image above for your FREE, downloadable, 8-page PDF containing some great, egg-free recipes and baking tips!

Our food choices reflect who we are, what we believe, and our commitment to a life that is built on compassion, not cruelty. 

So many people are living egg-free, including celebrities like Canadian director James Cameron, singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, and Meagan Duhamel, two-time World Champion Figure Skater and Olympic Gold Medalist. And, this also includes your friends, families, and neighbours. Many Canadians know eggs are cruel, and can be easily replaced with delicious and kind alternatives!

Please join the millions of people who are choosing compassion and leave eggs off your plate.

Here are some links on our website where you can learn more about the kind of life Lucy endured, discover delicious egg free alternatives available in many grocery stores, and read some very important information on the impact of egg consumption on human health and much more!

Also, download your FREE, 8-page PDF booklet of delicious egg-free recipes and baking tips! We’re confident you will soon discover there is no sacrifice in choosing egg-free! It’s both easy and delicious.

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